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St Benedict's College, Randalstown

Anti-bullying Week 2021

📌 Anti-bullying Week Activities 📌

What’s happening this week?

⭐️ Activities running all week ⭐️

▪️ KS3 Poster Competition

▪️ Words of kindness cards to our friends, family, teachers and colleagues.

▪️ Anti-Bullying PD lessons and assemblies

▪️ Launching the CyberSyd App

CyberSyd - an app for young people to report bullying easily and confidentially from anywhere at any time.

🔸Thursday- Kindness Day led by our Take 5 Champions and Concern Ambassadors.

Fundraising activities will run throughout the day to raise much need funds for Concern Worldwide.

Activities include:

▪️ Non Uniform Day

▪️ Sponsored fast by the Concern ambassadors

▪️ Lunchtime Awareness Presentation on Malnourishment and Poverty in Developing Countries

▪️ Fundraising Activities- Shoot the Hoop, Crossbar Challenge, Wellyboot Throw, Target Shot to name a few.

▪️ Go Fund Me link on Social Media.

👀 Here what’s to come To come:

⭐️ Launch of Safer Schools NI App ⭐️

The digital world is 24/7; it’s outside and inside of the school gates, this app provides a service that does the same. Safer Schools NI is a digital library of age-appropriate safeguarding resources that pupils and parents can check out anytime from a phone and a computer.


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