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St Benedict's College, Randalstown

Tulip Planting With Tidy Randalstown

(sponsored flower bed in the town)

Friday 16th November 2017

We planted tulip bulbs with Suzanne from Tidy Randalstown.

We designed the flower bed, planted the tulips and cleaned up. We even got chocolates!

I like working with the Eco Club and people from my school.

Shane 8G

This afternoon we did Tidy Randalstown work. We planted tulip bulbs then covered them in soil. We planted more on top.

I like working outside with my classmates.

Emily 8F

I like to plant the tulip bulbs and putting soil over them. We cleaned everything up with water and then brushed the pavement. Suzanne showed us what to do, which was great fun!

It was the best Friday ever!

Michael 9H

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