St Benedict's College, Randalstown


Staff member

Position of Responsibility

                     Mrs C McAteer                 Principal

                                Mrs B Kelly                            SLT, SENCO, Head of Home Economics

                                Mr P McKendry                    SLT, Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator

                                Mr D Shivers                         SLT, Assistant Principal – Curriculum, Learning &Teaching

                                Mrs K Armstrong                 Literacy Co-Ordinator, Head of Environment and Society

                                Mr N Bonnes                        Head of Year 11 and 12, Head of English and Media

                                Mrs C Caples                         ICT Co-Ordinator

                                Mrs O Coulter                      Numeracy Co-ordinator, Head of Year 9 and 10

                                Mrs P Devlin                         Head of CEIAG/Learning for Life and Work

                                Mr O Gilligan                         Shared Education Co-ordinator

                                Mr S Hastings                       Head of Preforming Arts, PR Co–ordinator

                                Mrs C Henry/

                                Mr Eoghan Kennedy          Mathematics

                                Miss M Hutchinson             Technology and Design, General

                                Mr C Lavery                          Head of Technology and Design

                                Mrs C Logan                         ICT

                                Mrs E Magill                         Data Co-Ordinator, Head of Mathematics

                                Mrs M McCann                    Head of Physical Education and Extra Curricular Activities

                                Ms M McElhone                  Head of Art and Design

                                Mrs B O’Kane                       Head of Religious Education

                                Mr C O’Kane                         Head of Modern Languages

                                Mr P O’Neill                          Examinations Officer, Head of Science

                                Mrs S O’Neill                        Mathematics

                                Mr Joe Smyth                      Physical Education, History

                                Mrs Lisa Woods                   Head of Year 8

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