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St Benedict's College, Randalstown


Teachers Name

Position of Responsibility and Subjects Taught

Mrs C McAteer       


Mrs O Coulter

Assistant Principal

Mrs K Armstrong

SLT, SENCO, Learning Support Co-Ordinator, History

Mr C O’Kane

SLT, KS4 Manager, Head of Modern Languages 

Mrs C Caples

SLT, KS3 Manager, ICT Co-Ordinator , English

Mrs Lisa Woods

Head of Year 8, Head of Geography, Shared Education Co-ordinator

Mr N Bonnes

Head of English and Media, Extended Schools Co-Ordinator, Literacy Support Co-Ordinator.

Miss M Hutchinson

Head of Technology and Design, PR Co-Ordinator

Miss S Shine

Head of Year 9, Technology & Design

Mrs B Kelly

Head of Home Economics.

Mrs P Devlin

Head of CEIAG/Learning for Life and Work , Art and Design

Mr O Gilligan


Mrs C Hogarty

Head of Year 12, Head of Music & Drama

Mrs C Henry


Mrs C Logan

Head of ICT

Mrs E Magill

Head of Mathematics, Data Co-Ordinator ,

Mrs M McCann

Physical Education, Religious Education

Ms M McElhone

Head of Art and Design

Mr B Marron

Head of Physical Education, Head of Extra Curricular Activities

Mr P McKendry


Mrs B O’Kane

Head of Religious Education, Spiritual Co-Ordinator

Mr P O’Neill

Head of Science

Mrs S O’Neill

Head of Year 10, Mathematics

Mrs C Munyard

Head of Year 11, English

Mr C Stott


Miss C Burke

Engage Program, Mathematics  

Miss D Birt


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