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St Benedict's College, Randalstown

Gloria Hunniford visits our College- 22 March 2022

Our Eco-Warriors and Ms Woods have been working with Tidy Randalstown for the last few years and are honoured to be able to give them a helping hand. As a College, we know that the team of volunteers at Tidy Randalstown are dedicated and hardworking and make a real difference to the community. From big clean ups to planting beautiful flowers throughout the town, their work is done to perfection and benefits everyone. St Benedict’s are delighted to share in Tidy Randalstown’s most recent success.They have won an amazing £50,000 to develop a garden on the Viaduct. The prize has been awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society to celebrate RHS Garden Day 2022 and will mean Tidy Randalstown will be able to create an inclusive and welcoming green space for everyone in the community to access and enjoy. We are delighted that our friends and partners have won this prestigious prize.They are truly deserving of it. In partnership with Tidy Randalstown, our Eco-Warriors have developed our very own Eco - Garden and today we were delighted to welcome a very special visitor to the College to show off the amazing work that they have done.That special visitor was Gloria Hunniford! Gloria was delighted by what she saw and praised the efforts of the students involved in the development of the garden.

Mrs Mc Ateer commented “Today has been a fantastic day for the College.We are so proud of the Eco club and the work they have done to enhance the school grounds and to support Tidy Randalstown and their community projects.I know they can’t wait to get working on the new garden and to taking on their new role of Keepers of the Viaduct.I know they will continue to make us proud


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