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St Benedict's College, Randalstown

📝Study Skills Workshop📚

On Thursday and Friday 17 and 18 November the year 11 and 12 pupils got the opportunity to take part in a Study Skills Workshop facilitated by the Key Stage 4 Manager Mr O’Kane supported by Year Heads and Form Teachers. This was a motivational Event as well as a practical step by step guide for study preparation at home as the pupils draw towards their important GCSE modules. The Workshop included;

  • Getting motivated and energised

  • Shifting Mindsets

  • How to Organise and manage time

  • 7 Steps to Study Success

  • Visual Supports - Mind-maps, Flashcards, Calendar, Study Timetable.

Both pupil and staff feedback on the Workshop was exceptionally positive and now we need parents’ help to embed these key ideas.

The pupils received a complimentary study pack that we would encourage parents to chat to their child about how he/she is going to use it best.

A special thank you to Mr O’Kane for facilitating this workshop. We are very lucky to have you as a member of the teaching staff. ⭐️


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