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St Benedict's College, Randalstown

Yr8 History- Norman Castles

⭐️Department in Action⭐️

Check out the fantastic work created by Year 8 History classes.

As part of their topic, The Normans, students were asked to design and make their own Motte & Bailey or Stone Keep Castle. We were blown away by the outcomes and we felt it was only right to put them on display for the whole college to view.

I think you will agree they are amazing!! 👏🏼⭐️

Mrs Armstrong had a very difficult task of judging. The awards were given to:

⭐️Erin Neeson- Gold 🥇

⭐️ Lilia Szczepaniec - Silver🥈

⭐️ Daniel Mc Grenaghan- Bronze🥉

Fabulous work everyone. We are very proud of you all! 👏🏼✨


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