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St Benedict's College, Randalstown


The approach to education in St. Benedict’s College is holistic. We endeavour to ensure that all our students achieve their full and true potential. St. Benedict’s College embraces inclusion, striving to ensure that all students are fully included in the life of the school and have full access to the curriculum and all facilities. The SEN Department is equipped to support students on a one to one basis or in small groups. Support is provided internally and in partnership with a range of external support agencies. In keeping with the Code of Practice for Northern Ireland, a Policy for Special Educational Needs (SEN) is in place. 


The SEN Co-ordinator leads a team of professional and diligent learning support assistants and behaviour support assistants Subject teachers are provided with details of student needs through the SEN register. On entry to St. Benedict’s College students’ skills are assessed through standardised testing. Information and concern from parents are also central to the process. Where a student has a statement of special educational needs, this information and arrangements to address their needs are communicated to all staff, teaching and ancillary, with whom that student has contact. Students with specific learning difficulties are supported by the Learning/Behaviour Support Assistants. Students experiencing general difficulty are assisted by each Head of Department, working with class teachers, developing learning approaches to take account of the range of ability within each class. Individual Education Plans are created, monitored and reviewed by staff, students and parents in partnership. Targets are set to help students acquire a range of skills across the curriculum. In addition, the school liaises with a variety of external agencies to assist students who require academic, emotional or physical support. In this way the school supports students who are at risk of marginalisation and ensures their inclusion and retention in school.

SEN Coordinator


Mrs B Kelly

SEN Co-ordinator

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