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St Benedict's College, Randalstown

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs J Brady

Miss S McCormick

Mrs P McKeever

Mrs M Redmond

Mrs C Hoey

Ms J Murdock

Mrs S Heffron

Miss M McKeever

Miss B McLaughlin

Mrs J Scullion

Mrs S Rankin

Ms G Kennedy

Mrs M Mati

Miss C McPeake

Miss L McPeake

Miss C McAreavey

Mrs S Graham

Office Staff

Mrs D Watters

Mrs R Boyd


Miss Paula Agnew


Mr O McConnon / Mr C Laverty

Art and Design Technician

Miss B McLaughlin

Home Economics Technician

Mrs P McKeever

ICT/Technology Technician

Mr K McTeague

Reprographics Technician

Mrs J Scullion

Science Technician

Miss C McPeake

Supervisory Assistants

Mrs J Crilly

Mr O McConnon

Miss P Madden

Miss B McLaughlin

Mrs E Magee

Mrs Jane Scullion

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